The first consultation is always informative and the patient should take time to think over the proposed treatment. At no time is there any obligation, but we do expect timely warning in order not to lose precious operating time.

It is very important that the patient is fully prepared for the operation and smoking is very strongly discouraged as it constitutes a serious operative risk and contributes to the ageing process. Weight loss, fittness and general body care are also strongly advised, as they will improve the surgical outcome. 

On the first consultation, the patient will be warned about scars. Scars are inevitable with every procedure, although we intend to limit the size as much as possible. Scars will also decrease with time but will never disappear completely. Occasionally a revision may be necessary to obtain the desired result. 

Complications may occur after any surgical intervention or any anaesthetic (general, locoregional or local). The complications may be specific to the surgical act performed, or may be general, common to many surgical interventions, such as trombosis or pulmonary infection. Those risks will be explained during the first discussion. 

Photographs will be taken on the first consultation and it will be explained that perfect symmetry can never be guaranteed: “there is no symmetry and there are no straight lines in nature”. All efforts will be made to explain what is possible, in order to obtain the result desired by the patient, within well defined limits. Anonymous clinical cases will be shown as an illustration, where appropriate.

The fees are also discussed as part of the first consultation. 
We will give specific advise on the proposed procedure and we will give an approximate sum of all the costs that are involved. 
Costs incurred in the hospital, have to be paid to the hospital itself. The costs will vary according to the length of stay in the hospital, the consumables and the products used. 
You will also get specific advise on which cost can be covered by the “mutuelle” or other insurances. 

In the unlikely event of reoperation due to complications, minimal fees will be charged in order to resolve the problem, especially in the first year after the primary surgery.

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